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SA_Vagabond Wanderer_Kanoa by IndigoCharger SA_Vagabond Wanderer_Kanoa by IndigoCharger
Introducing Kanoa


Gender: Stallion
Age: 20
Height: 15.5hh
Breed: 1/2 Akhal Teke (shiny coat and a tall appearance), 1/4 Mawari (curly ears and curved back), 1/4 Mustang (odd markings and face shape)
Colour: Palomino (ee AA CRCR stysty TOto)
Voice: Deep and Silvery
Herd: Vagabond - Wanderer

。Rebellious - If someone is to say not to, chances are that he would give it a go.
。Strong Willed - His spirit won't break easily. He is confident in his abilities and as a result won't bend to anyone, especially those who demand it.
。Resilient - Due to his upbringing, Kanoa has learnt to spring back and recover quickly from any situation.
。Fun Loving - Kanoa can be immature and a bit of a fool when things get to serious around him. He believes that it's best to live life with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. Due to this trait, he tends to get along with foals pretty well.
。Optimistic - There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.. Though life can be tough as a Vagabond, Kanoa always tries to see the better side of any situation, or makes a fool of himself in the process of trying to.
。Loyal to those who prove worthy - He will do anything he can to assist trusted friends and family when they are in need.
。Curious - by nature, Kanoa doesn't quite understand how this trait gets him in more trouble than not.
。Bad Tempered - Though he is pretty tolerant of others, when he is really pushed he can be quite nasty and vicious
。 Secretive - He isn't very revealing of his past, especially his tragedies. The only living equine whom is aware of his past is Raziel.
。 Untrusting - Kanoa is suspicious of all strange equines and he has very little trust in those he meets.

Likes: The unknown, adventure, females, traveling, seeing new places, the colours green and red, freinds, the Valley of Melodies
Dislikes: Strange equines, being helpless, seeing others get hurt (unless it was coming for them), being physically unable to move, the herd life, being stuck in one place for too long
Fears: small dark places (claustrophobia), losing someone close, the slave trade and the cruel beasts within Hireath.


Relation: Mother
Age: 31 (when she died)
Height: 15.1hh
Breed: 1/2 Akhal Teke, 1/2 Mawari
Colour: Sooty Palomino (ee Aa CRCR STYsty)
Herd: Vagabond - Wanderer

Relation: Father
Age: 45 (if still alive)
Height: 16 hh
Breed: 1/2 Akhal Teke, 1/2 Mustang
Colour: Chestnut Tobiano (ee AA TOto)
Herd: Vagabond - Wanderer then Aodh - Labor Slave

Before birth:
Akita and Sora met by chance during their travels.
After a while of courting, they fell in love.
Few years later, Akita becomes pregnant..
Sora get caught by the slave trade, protecting Akita from capture a couple weeks before Kanoa was born..
Akita never mentioned anything else to Kanoa , because it pains her too much to talk about her missing love.

Foal hood:
 Kanoa 's early foal hood was largely spent learning how to survive the wilds of Hireath from his dear Mother, Akita. What terrain was safe to cross, use to his advantage or avoid if he could help it. How to tell if food or water was safe to consume and where to find them. How to sneak and hide himself and his scent from all manner of predators and horses. At times it was trial and error, however he always had his Mother watching over and guiding him.
Yet the little colt also had a way of getting into a fair amount of trouble. Often wandering out of Akita's view and scaring her by using the knowledge that she had taught him against her in games of hide and seek.

 Together they travelled around most of Hireath’s great lands; from the snowy mountains in Onea down to the blistering deserts of Sedo. He even saw the Barrier Mountains of Aquore from a safe distance away from it’s Talorian Guardians. Once he partially entered the tunnels in Sirith before vowing to never go into such confining spaces again and he too explored the crater and ruins of Old Valore in Eithne.
One place that has become one of Kanoa 's favorites is the Valley of Melodies. To the young colt, it was a place of wonder with the unique red and gold twining together into mesmerising structures that scatter across it’s part of the vast, dry land.

 The only time the two met with any horse willingly was when Akita would meet up with the mate of her foal hood friend and his young daughter; Israffel and Raziel. Partially so to keep up with events happening within Hireath and also so young Kanoa could learn to socialise amongst his own kind. Kanoa was only 4 when he first met them.
Israffel was a huge stallion that both intimidated and frightened the young colt. To this day, Kanoa still remains cautious of the old hulking stallion. His daughter, Raziel, however was dirty, scrawny, oddly proportioned and a klutz. The slightly older filly had an innocent and dopey look about her.
Certainly not someone anyone could feel frightened of, save for one wary colt.
Upon their first meeting, Kanoa shyly hid behind Akita as he was introduced to the two strange equines before them. Needlessly to say not much interaction happened between the young foals on their first day together as the adults caught up. Yet eventually he lost some of his wariness and socialised and even played with the filly.
And so their parents agreed to meet at least once a year. As the years went by, Kanoa and Raziel became close friends, even though they were so different.

 Come the age of nine and a half years old, Akita thought it time that she would test Kanoa on his survival skills by overcoming the Barrier Mountains to Aquore. This is the first time that Kanoa had to lead the way and he found it quite nerve racking knowing that his mother is watching and he didn't want to disappoint her. At first the mountains looked daunting and he tensed as he began to slowly scale the mountains. Placing one shaky hoof after another, Kanoa found it best to watch where he is stepping as a slip could end this journey. What felt like hours of climbing, Kanoa paused to see how far they have gone. They only managed to get a short way up the first of many mountains. After a careful look at the rocky surroundings, he thought it best to walk between the mountains as it has less of a steep slope to climb and will make traveling easier. At first Akita stood in, as Kanoa had trouble finding food and water, but after a few days he figured out what to look for. Occasionally there was a sighting of a strange equine in the distance (which Kanoa quietly notified his mother and they cautiously hid from its sight until it was clear for them to continue), a few wild birds soaring around the tops of the mountains,and the occasional slip which echoed for ages and forced Kanoa and Akita to hide for a while to be sure no one close by could find them.

 The travel through the mountains took about 2 weeks and when they stood on the soft grass, it was absolute bliss. So much that Kanoa stopped for a roll and a rest. Seeing this, Akita joined him after a scan of their surroundings to be sure that they are safe. When all was calm and before they drifted into the dream realm, Akita decided to take this opportunity to let Kanoa know how he went with his survival test for the past 2 weeks.
 “You did very well my son.” she said in a smooth, calming tone as she smiled. “But we need to work on a few techniques that will make next time easier for you. Like finding food and observing your surroundings. But for now, we shall rest.” Kanoa took what his mother said on board and was looking forward to learning new skills and exploring the land of Aquore on the days to come. He began imagining possible places that he will see and things that he will do and as time passed by, they both drifted to sleep.

 After having some well deserved rest after scaling the Barrier Mountains, they decided to venture further into Aquore via the coast along the wilds. Kanoa was playing in the waves that were lapping the beach in the early morning sun as Akita walked along the tree line, watching Kanoa and thinking how Sora would have loved to be here watching their son with her. She was unaware of what will happen next.. From out of the tree line leapt a great, massive beast (Kanoa won't remember what the beast was because of the panic at the time). The beast raced towards Akita. In the panic, Akita started running and screamed at Kanoa "Run and keep running!". Kanoa obeyed his mother and ran. Hearing his mother’s screams in the distance, he kept running until his legs could hardly hold him. He stopped and waited. Waited for his mother. After half a day, he felt his heart drop, as he realized that something is seriously wrong. Kanoa , filled with fear and sadness of what has happened, retraced his steps to where he last saw her. After a long, scary walk, he suddenly stopped. Shocked. What he saw what could only be described as horrifying...

 Akita's body lied motionless and half eaten on the beach. Her face frozen with fear. Blood pooled around her, staining the sand. The smell of death with a slight scent of the beast filled the air. The sense of sadness deepened and emptiness flowed through him as he stared upon his dead mother. Kanoa slowly approached his mother, tears rolling down his face. 'This isn't true, This isn't true' kept repeating in his head as he walked closer. He collapsed near her head. Crying. He closed her eyes and lied next to her. "Why did you have to go?" He whispered to her as he sobbed. A few minutes passed and he heard a slight rustle near the tree line. Kanoa 's head shot up. 'Is the murderer still here?' He thought. The rustle happened again. Kanoa jumped up in fear and ran, he doesn't want to meet the same fate at his mother. His mother's words 'Run and keep running!' repeated over and over in his mind as he fled.

 He ran towards the Barrier Mountains, only to reach them and realise that he cannot cross them without his mother due to his limited knowledge of finding food and water and observing his surroundings. But he felt so unsafe being in the strange land of Aquore as it was foreign and dangerous for a foal. With tears still rolling down his face, he cautiously walked along the base of the Barrier Mountains, hoping that he can find someone to help him, after all, he is now an orphan that is alone in strange lands. Panic began to seep into his mind as he feared everything and wasn't sure how he will survive. Kanoa spent most of his days wandering aimlessly around the edge of the Barrier Mountains, and hiding in the foliage when something spooks him (which is everything), and surviving on what little food and water he found.

 After a week, he got frustrated with himself for being stuck in Aquore, and decided to attempt the Barrier Mountains. He will either die in Aquore, or die trying to escape. He wandered along the base of the mountains until he found where he and his mother entered Aquore. When he got there, he stood facing the Mountains and stared at them for a bit. He felt butterflies in his stomach as once again he stared at the daunting mountains. Remembering where Akita found food and water, Kanoa plucked up the courage and started his journey through the Barrier Mountains. With shaky hooves, he once again began to scale the mountains. This time being more cautious and aware of his surroundings as he progresses towards Sirith.

 The trip was more difficult than he remembered. To find food and water he had to retrace his steps or look off the beaten track, which occasionally got him lost and made him find an alternate way which took him longer (good thing he knows how to navigate using the sun and the stars).. After 3 weeks of battling the harsh terrains of the Barrier Mountains, he finally made it to the edge of Sirith. Relieved that he made it, he wandered a bit more to find adequate water and food before he settled in a familiar campsite for the night to come. Unable to sleep, he looked at the stars and thought of his mother.
“Are you up there?.” he whispered to himself, hoping to hear his mother’s voice again. He misses her so much. A tear rolled down his cheek as he reminisced about the time he spent with her at this campsite. A few minutes passed, staring at the multitude of stars, he slowly went to sleep, with thoughts of going to the Valley of Melodies.

 Kanoa awoke when the morning sun arose from the horizon and shone its yellow rays on the environment around him. ‘Today is the day.’ he thought as he grabbed a small, dead branch from a nearby tree and started drawing a rough map in the dirt as he planned his journey to the Valley of Melodies. When he finished planning, he stood and memorized the route that he is to take. Kanoa decided to travel a direct route to the Valley of Melodies, as this will be the quickest, yet more treacherous way there. Proud of his plan and eager to go to his favorite place, Kanoa began his journey by following the shore line to Sedo.

 Four months later, when the sun was at it’s highest, he finally made it to his favorite place (the Valley of Melodies). Seeing the wondrous sculptures once again made him feel at peace and for a moment, he forgot all his sorrows and fears. Whilst looking around at the beautiful surroundings, he noticed another equine. This equine is really tall and bulky. It reminded Kanoa of Israffel, and he slowly stepped back hoping to avoid them, if it was to be anything like Israffel. Though with a second glance Kanoa realised that this equine has the wrong markings to be Israffel. Feeling relieved that it isn’t whom he thought it was, Kanoa approached this equine with caution. The equine has now noticed Kanoa and he stopped and stared in response to noticing this. The equine smiled and started to approach him. There was a familiar look about this equine, but he can’t remember who. As the equine got closer, he was going through his memories trying to figure out who they are.

 “Long time no see.” Said the equine in a familiar voice when she was only a few steps away. Kanoa realized who it is. Raziel!!. A sense of happiness flowed through him as he pranced around like a foal and greeted his long lost friend. Raziel has changed so much from the klutzy, dopey looking foal he used to know. She has grown up and into the proportions similar to the hulking Israfel, and learnt to bathe.. Her features and scars show the hardship she has endured over the past years. The next few days they spent reacquainting themselves with each other and catching up on recent events that have happened to them both. When the time came to move on, both equines have decided to wander the wilderness together as there is safety in numbers and they are still young and inexperienced.

 For many months, Kanoa and Raziel have traveled together. From the beauty of the Valley of Melodies to the boiling, wasteland of the Hissing Plains. They even went and saw the black market and once again tried to enter the tunnels of Sirith. Kanoa still noped out of there. Kanoa took this opportunity to show Raziel all that his mother has shown him, though he learnt a great deal from Raziel as well.

 As they travelled more, Kanoa felt that he could tell her everything and one day decided that he wanted to show her the final resting place of his mother, Akita. Though the thought of going back saddened and frightened him, he felt obligated to bury her and the support of Raziel made him feel stronger to deal with the horrors of his past. One particular day, as the two of them were grazing in the morning light on the north-eastern side of the Vastlands, Kanoa shyly asked Raziel to accompany him to his mother’s resting place. Raziel snorted and sarcastically said “no..” and upon hearing this Kanoa smirked, knowing that his friend wasn’t serious in her decline. After breakfast, Kanoa started leading the way towards the dreaded Aquore.

 It took them three months to travel to the base of the Barrier Mountains. The sight of them made Kanoa feel a bit sick in the stomach and he felt the need to turn and run as the last memories of his mother haunted him. But he only stood still for a few minutes, trying to overcome the fear that is swelling inside him. He looked to Raziel for strength and all he saw was a confused look on her face as she raised her eyebrows at him and she motioned to continue forth. This made him snort in amusement as her expression amused him. With the thought of Raziel’s gesture in mind, he found the courage to move forward and tackle the harsh terrain of the Barrier Mountains.

 Kanoa tried his best to remember what his mother taught him about survival in the Barrier Mountains, but with the many months that have passed he found it difficult to remember. Luckily Raziel was with him to help, as she has a vast knowledge about surviving harsh terrains due to an experience that she refuses to tell him. Respecting her wishes to keep that experience private, he didn’t pry. Kanoa wanted to learn how to travel in harsh terrains like his mother was able too, so he used this opportunity to learn as much as he can and put this knowledge into practice as the two young equines crossed the Barrier Mountains to Aquore.

 Upon entering Aquore after traveling through the Barrier Mountains, a puzzled thought crossed dante’s mind as he pondered over the last few weeks. The travel through the harsh, rocky climate was easier than he remembered, and he believed that it was due to the help and knowledge of Raziel that this was so. He stopped for a moment as he took a deep breath and observed his surroundings. He didn’t want a repeat of the only memory he has of this place. Certain that there is no danger lurking near by, Kanoa lead the way as he once again will approach the corpse of his mother.

 “It’s too quiet” Kanoa thought as he and Raziel wandered along the coast to the resting place of Akita. The thick forest that followed the coastline for miles was still and quiet, with only a few sounds of the wildlife that lives within the dark trees. A few of the most anxious hours have passed and they finally find Akita’s corpse. Her corpse had decomposed so that only her hardened skin and bones remained and the sand was still stained red with her blood from the incident that ended her life many months ago. Kanoa stopped in his tracks upon the sight of his long gone mother. A wave of sadness washed over him as he began to sob whilst he stared at her corpse.

 Moments later, Kanoa randomly wandered towards the forest of which he hates so much. Horrid memories of Akita’s death looped over and over through his mind. A suitable grave site and something as a headstone is what he is looking for, as he wants his mother to finally be at rest. He could hear Raziel’s heavy footsteps behind him.
“We can't just leave her here.” Raziel said, seeming unsure of what is Kanoa is doing.
“I wouldn't.” Kanoa replied quickly. After a short pause, he then began explaining what he is looking for so that Raziel can help.

 After what felt like many hours of searching, Kanoa and Raziel found a grand, old, well established tree along the edge of the wilds near the beach. It’s massive roots were protruding from the ground and smoothly flowed to the trunk as it rises towards the sky into a lush canopy. This tree is the tallest tree that Kanoa had ever seen and it’s broad canopy shaded a vast area giving the sense of protection.
“Wow.. That’s a big tree.” said Raziel as she continued searching for the final resting site for Akita. Kanoa spun around at the comment “What if we bury Mother at the base of this tree?.”
Upon hearing this, Raziel stopped “Well that works” she replied as she looked down and smiled as if she was reminiscing.

 Now feeling better that Akita’s final resting place has been found, Kanoa started to dig in amongst the roots of the ancient tree.
“Ahh.. Do you want me to do that?” Raziel asks as she looks at now a sandy Kanoa . Kanoa ’s head flicked up, throwing sand everywhere, and nodded in agreeance to Raziel digging and him keeping watch. After many uneventful hours, night began to creep over the landscape and Kanoa thought it time for Raziel to stop digging and for him to set up camp on the beach for the both of them to rest, as the beach seems the safest option.

 The night was long for Kanoa as the memories of Aquore in his foal hood and the haunting screams of his mother made it difficult for him to rest. He ended up spending most of the night watching and listening for anything suspicious along the coast, and admiring the beauty of the starry night sky dancing along the small waves that caress the sandy shore not far from their camp. Many long hours passed and the sun began to rise over the forest with rays of light trickling through the vast canopy which distorted the light that shone on the beach. Kanoa lightly nudged Raziel so they can start another day. Raziel groaned in discontent as she rolled over and stared angrily at Kanoa through half asleep eyes, as she isn't a morning equine. Moments later all is as it was yesterday, with Raziel digging away at the roots of the giant tree whilst Kanoa takes up the watching post.

 At about mid-afternoon, Raziel re-emerged from the sandy pit of which she was digging. Kanoa ’s attention was shifted to the now sandy Raziel as she maneuvered through the sand out of the hole and nodded in agreeance that the hole is ready for the burial of Akita. Knowing that Raziel doesn’t need a sentry to look for danger, Kanoa headed back towards his mother’s remains to rummage through her belongings (which is slowly deteriorating with her corpse) for something to carry her to her final resting place. Amongst Akita’s belongings Kanoa found the blanket that she used to wrap him in of a night, and a tear rolled down his face as he remembered the lullabies that she used to sing as he fell asleep at her side. He was brought back to reality when he heard the heavy steps of Raziel approaching behind him. He turned to Raziel and gazed at her with saddened eyes. Raziel gave him a sympathetic look as she came closer. She then gently removed the blanket from Kanoa and lied it flat on the ground next to Akita’s corpse, and started to place the remnants of Akita on the blanket. Kanoa slowly came to and helped Raziel with moving his mother.

 After Akita has been moved to the blanket and wrapped up, Kanoa and Raziel carried her to the shaded hole under the ancient tree. As they placed Akita in her final resting place, Kanoa began to sob uncontrollably as they began to fill the grave. After filling the grave, Kanoa carved:
“Here lies Akita, A loving Mother and friend” into the base of the giant tree and the two equines stood for a moment of silence as they honoured Akita as the sun setted over the ocean behind them.

 Kanoa slept a bit better that night knowing that his mother is finally at rest. When morning approached, he awoke to forceful nudge from Raziel. He groaned and glanced at her through half closed eyes as he realised that Raziel was staring at him.
“What?” he groaned as he rose from the sand of which he was sleeping.
Raziel slyly smiled as she responded “I think it is time that we left.”
Nodding in agreeance, Kanoa started heading back towards the Barrier Mountains.

 It took the two young equines about half a day to reach the Barrier Mountains to once again scale. Upon reaching the foot of the huge mountains, conversation and movement was drawn to a halt when they both heard the sound of rocks crunching under hooves. Kanoa , knowing roughly where the sound is coming from, decided to try and sneak past. The rocks proved it difficult for both Kanoa and Raziel to sneak, as whenever they made a sound it echoed off the many giant boulders and they heard the other footsteps stop. For a few long, silent moments, there was nothing to be heard. Once Kanoa thought that it was ok to start moving again, they heard the hooves crunching onto stone from another direction. ‘Did they know we are here and where we are going?’ Kanoa thought as they attempted to sneak forth again.

 This went on for what felt like hours, they were getting nowhere fast and the unknown equine seems to be homing in on them. Kanoa , feeling the approaching threat of the Guardian, decided that they need more than luck to get through these mountains. They need a plan. After a quick, whispered discussion with Raziel, they parted ways to put their plan into action. Raziel headed up the mountain whilst Kanoa ran to distract the guardian so that Raziel can make it to the top. Nearly as soon as he leapt out from behind some large boulders and into view of the approaching equine, he dashed away from Raziel and made sure that he had the strange equines attention. His heart is pounding fast as he made sure that he kept the strange equines focus on him. Whenever he heard the sound of sliding hooves on rocks, he pretended to slip so that there was no possibility of Raziel being discovered. A few minutes passed and Kanoa looked behind to see the Guardian close behind and a glimpse of Raziel as she made it to the high ground and hid. Moments after seeing this, Kanoa changed direction and headed towards where Raziel was last seen. His small, nimble frame making it easy for him to maneuver the rocky terrain.

 Kanoa made it to the high ground and saw Raziel as he wooshed passed. He quickly spun around, only to see Raziel body slam the Guardian back down the mountain. Kanoa couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. The sheer power that Raziel possesses is amazing!. Feeling jealous of Raziel, he peered down at the Guardian, whom is now struggling to find their footing after their forceful descent. Pleased to know that they were only bruised, Kanoa and Raziel used this opportunity to escape. The next couple weeks of their travels over the Barrier Mountains was rather uneventful, though Kanoa was happy to be back on the familiar ground in Sirith.

 Soon after their arrival onto the lands of Sirith, they made a joint decision to head back to the Valley of Melodies. Kanoa was excited to see the valley again, as it alway gave him a sense of peace and happiness, even though it can be dangerous at nightfall. The travel took many months and two friends safely made it to the Valley of Melodies. A wave of relief flowed through Kanoa as his worries and sorrow disappeared with the cool desert breeze that ran through his mane. Raziel seemed a bit moody upon arrival, but Kanoa thought it was a lack of sleep, or something that might go away with some time. So he kept his distance, so that she wouldn’t snap at him.

 A few days passed and Kanoa was feeling that Raziel’s mood hasn’t improved, and it seemed as though something was bothering her. Concerned, he asked if everything is ok. Raziel looked at him and grumped that everything is fine. Not wanting to agitate her and be on the receiving end of her lashing out (seeing as he now knows what strength she possesses) he left it at that and continued with his day, hoping that things improve. Later that afternoon, Raziel approached him and abruptly said that they should part ways as there is something she must do alone. Kanoa felt a bit disheartened at the idea, but decided to accept. Though he suggested that they should meet at the Valley of Melodies every yearish, so that they can catch up. Raziel nodded in agreeance. Pleased that he will see Raziel again, he smiled.

 The next morning, Kanoa awoke to find that Raziel has already left. ‘She didn’t even say good bye’ Kanoa thought as he got up and started to watch the sun rise through the fog and over the strange structures within the valley. He felt no need to find her as she seemed really focus on doing this ‘something’, and Kanoa knew that they will meet again.

 Once the fog cleared enough that Kanoa could see where he was stepping, he decided to explore the deserts of Sedo.

~ More Coming Soon ~

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